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Letter: City should take steps to protect pedestrians

City should take steps to protect pedestrians

With the development of the lovely Science Building at Canisius College, there is a pressing need to slow down aggressive drivers as they enter Jefferson Avenue at Main Street. Although there is a light, drivers entering Jefferson often ignore the 30-mph speed limit in favor of much higher rates of speed, endangering students and local residents.

Drivers going onto Main Street from Jefferson also accelerate, again putting pedestrians crossing Jefferson at risk.

One proposal suggested to me was the construction of a few islands in the middle of Jefferson near Main, to protect pedestrians. Jefferson is wide enough to accommodate the islands; typically, automobiles use only one lane in each direction.

This safety hazard needs to be addressed by state and local politicians or governments after consultation with concerned parties, preferably before the November election. In addition, I would also advocate a 25-mph speed limit in high pedestrian-crossing areas in the city.

Richard H. Escobales Jr.


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