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Don’t ridicule women for traditional clothing

After reading the Sept. 4 News article, “Hamburg Walmart manager fired over anti-Muslim posting,” I felt so sad for those Muslim women. I shop at the Hamburg Walmart, and I see Muslim women in traditional garb, as well African-American and Asian people. I am Caucasian and I do not know what it is like to be ridiculed for my race or culture.

As a child growing up in Hamburg in the 1960s, I did not see anyone who wasn’t white. Now I do see some people of other cultures and races here. I feel happy to see them and wish there was some unobtrusive way to make them feel welcome. Those women depicted in the Facebook posting were doing what we all try to do: feed and clothe our families, live our lives and be good citizens. I applaud Walmart leadership for doing the right thing.

Coleen A. Hanna


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