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Cuomo assails sheriffs, gives Holder a free pass

I could not help but burst out laughing only to dribble my morning coffee while reading that Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently stated that sheriffs need to enforce the NY SAFE Act.

Cuomo told reporters in Essex County: “It’s not really up to law enforcement to pick and choose what laws they like and what laws they don’t like. Their job is to enforce the law, all of the laws, whether they agree with it or not.” Cuomo further states that such behavior would be a “dangerous and frightening precedent.”

May I suggest to Cuomo that a U.S. attorney general who selectively chooses to enforce the laws that he likes while ignoring those he does not like is a far more dangerous and frightening precedent.

Perhaps the good governor would like to explain how he can fault the sheriffs while giving Eric Holder a pass.

Mary D’Agostino

North Tonawanda

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