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Letter: Board needs to address Amherst’s rat problem

Board needs to address Amherst’s rat problem

The Amherst Town Board, and especially Supervisor Barry Weinstein, praise the addition of the “not aesthetically pleasing” new hotel in the village. They say it’s good for business.

I’m curious how they feel about the ongoing rat infestation problem in Amherst. Are the rats also good for business and property values?

The town gave us the garbage totes, and they helped a great deal, but they didn’t eliminate the rats. Don’t believe me? OK, then try this – after a backyard barbecue, place a couple of snap traps and see what you get. My bet is that you then will believe that Amherst does still have a rat problem.

What does the town offer the residents to help eliminate the problem? Currently, nothing. If you call the town to report “rat activity” you are directed to the county. The county will come and place bait traps, and 30 days later workers will return and remove the traps. Any additional problems become the homeowner’s financial responsibility.

Placing a bait trap here and there in a neighborhood will not and has not gotten the job done. Any exterminator will tell you the only way to eliminate rats is to bait the sewers. That is the rats’ thoroughfare; that’s where you can get to the majority of the rat population. That advice came from the last exterminator the town contracted two years ago. I attended a meeting with neighbors and a town council member when the exterminator rep told us that.

Has the town taken that step? Nope. Actually, the history of the town’s involvement in the rat problem has gone from proactive to inactive. I can only assume the board’s position is that ugly hotels are “good for business.” Ugly rats? Oh, well.

Jerry Cappello


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