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A teenager’s take on back to school

As sad as it sounds, summer has come and gone. Our beach fun and summer nights are coming to a close while the school doors are just opening.

The word “school” becomes a rather sour note for our ears during the summer, but September rolls in trying to bring back the sweetness. It is time to renew study habits, work ethics and after-school activities.

One thing that might cross a teenager’s mind is, “How will I manage my time correctly?” Well, it’s all about getting what’s important done first. After-school events are fun and bring more excitement to the day, but schoolwork is what is most important and needs to come first. What challenges people is competition. Make it a goal to do better this year than last year. The more motivated you are to go to school, the better you will do. Whether it’s for the after-school activity or for friends, as long as your grades are acceptable, anything can keep you excited for school.

Waking up at the crack of dawn isn’t so appealing and takes away from the things that keep you motivated. But there are ways to spice up the morning. Taking a shower will wake you up and hopefully brighten those sleepy eyes. Also, just simply adding music to your morning routine can help create a better mood to start the day.

Make sure to eat breakfast to kick-start your energy and give a boost to your immune system.

These little tricks will surely make mornings more enjoyable. It’s difficult to get back into the routine of school. Unfortunately and realistically, there isn’t much a person can do about it, so do everything in your power to find positives about school and focus on staying motivated. Maybe you’ll discover school isn’t so bad.

Alexandra Zurbrick is a sophomore at Orchard Park High School.

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