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Olean Common Council focuses on lighting, parking meters

OLEAN – Despite a windfall of more than $6 million in a federal grant coming to the city, the Common Council focused its attention on streetlights and parking meters at its meeting Tuesday.

The only mention of the federal grant that the city received last week was made by a resident during the public comment portion of the meeting.

Kevin Bartholomew noted that even though the funds have come in, roundabouts and single lane travel are not things that the people of Olean want to see. Council members, as is their practice, did not respond to the comments.

The major scope of the work to be completed with the funds involves infrastructure.

According to Public Works Director Tom Windus, replacement of water and sewer lines under North Union Street has been mandated by the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

In other matters, the Council unanimously approved requiring that organizations planning to host events submit applications to the city no less than 60 days prior to the event.

The application must include all pertinent contact information, the organization that will be hosting, sales tax numbers, number of transient vendors in attendance, the place and date of the event, and what goods are to be sold, if any.

The Council also voted to remove parking meters along the east side of North Barry Street, from Times Square to Tompkins Street, as well as from the city-owned parking lot.

Two other resolutions placed liens on homes purchased under the city’s First-time Homeowners Assistance Program.

“We are placing [these] so the city can recoup monies that have gone into helping with the purchase of these homes,” Mayor Linda Witte said.

The Council also approved installing streetlights in the First Ward. A light will be installed at the request of a resident on the 700 block of Delaware Avenue. A second light will be installed, as a crime deterrent, on the 400 block of Third Avenue.

Although voting to approve installing the lights, Ward 6 Alderman Nate Smith reminded Council members that each light costs the city $1,000 every year in power and maintenance.

The Council also renewed the shared services agreement between the city and the Town of Allegany for mowing and maintenance of the Allegheny River Valley Trail. The trail goes through both municipalities.

“This is an agreement that we are asked to renew every couple years,” Witte said.

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