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Letter: Obamacare needs a sunset provision

Obamacare needs a sunset provision

As a highly partisan conservative, I would like to suggest that the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, be immediately implemented, but with a “sunset” provision. This would give the American electorate an opportunity for consideration and to see Obamacare in action and judge its merits or defects, and to determine for ourselves whether or not the program should continue. A determination could be made as soon as the next congressional election, where our elected representatives would have to vote allowing Obamacare to sunset or be renewed based on voter opinion. “We the people,” in effect, would be telling our elected officials our wishes.

The danger in trying to infer validity with such a proposal is that there are enough voters myopic enough to see no further than the next government handout, thinking nothing will come out of their own pockets and ignoring the conclusions of many nonpartisan analysts that Obamacare costs are vastly understated with no end in sight. It is also a well-known truism that government entitlements seem to be cast in stone and are virtually impossible to reverse, which would be a convenient escape for elected officials who habitually “run for cover” rather than face hard decisions.

It also appears that one unintended consequence of Obamacare is that some employers will reduce employee work hours or even lay off employees to escape some provisions of the law. Even now, some employers are canceling health insurance for spouses and families to avoid these extra costs.

Harry Gugino


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