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Letter: Five-day mail delivery burdens letter carriers

Five-day mail delivery burdens letter carriers

The Postal Service’s postponement of its plan to reduce mail delivery to five days per week provides little hope that this will ensure six-day delivery for much longer. Enough people in the federal government are convinced that this is the only way to keep the USPS viable, so it soon will be allowed to eliminate Saturday delivery.

This reduction of service will, among other things, result in letter carriers being unable to complete their rounds until late afternoon or early evening on Mondays. As a recently retired carrier, I can attest to the fact that Mondays already are usually the most burdensome day of the week, what with no mail delivery on Sundays. With Saturday delivery eliminated, letter carriers will be delivering three days worth of mail on Mondays.

Even worse, seven or eight times a year, there will be an unprecedented three consecutive days of no mail delivery. This will be the result of a federal holiday falling in the Friday through Monday range.

Letter carriers are already, on occasion, delivery mail in the dark during winter months. A flashlight would make an excellent Christmas gift.

Bob Warda

West Seneca

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