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Both justice candidates win lines in Amherst plus Lackawanna, other Erie County results

Erie County’s hottest suburban primary ended in victory for both candidates, with 100 percent of vote results reported.

Republican Barbara S. Nuchereno, the Amherst council member who is running for town justice, held onto the GOP line with 1,127 votes despite a challenge from attorney Kara A. Buscaglia, who had 683 votes.

But Buscaglia isn’t finished. Both candidates on Tuesday “cross-listed,” meaning the Democrat Buscaglia also ran as a Republican to try to knock Nuchereno off her own line.

Buscaglia held onto the Democratic line with 1,746 votes to 1,089 votes. She also led the Conservative and Independence lines.

That means the two candidates will have a rematch in the Nov. 5 vote.

In Lackawanna, 1st Ward Lackawanna Councilman Abdulsalam K. Noman, the first Arab-American elected to public office in Lackawanna, won with 377 votes.

He faced a primary challenge for the coveted Democratic line from two familiar faces in the city – former 1st Ward Councilman George W. Halsey III, 244 votes, and community activist John E. Ingram, 100 votes.

In Cheektowaga, the winners of a five-way Democratic race for three council seats were Diane M. Benczkowski, 2,453 votes, James P. Rogowski, 2,302 votes, and Timothy J. Meyers, 2,150 votes, over Stanley J. Kaznowski III, 1,747 votes, and Nicole M. Gawel, 1,507 votes.

In other suburban races:


Debra A. Crist beat Monica L. Pellittieri, 465 votes to 184 votes, for the Republican nomination for Town Clerk. In the race for highway superintendent, Gary D. Wagner, 254 votes, won the Republican nod over Carl E. Fix, 152 votes, David C. Retzlaff, 142 votes, and Ronald P. Gardner, 110 votes


Jolene M. Jeffe, 552 votes, and Susan A. Friess, 531 votes, won Republican primaries for Town Board over Christopher M. Lane, 359 votes, and David R. Majka, 342 votes. In the race for Town Clerk, Martha L. Librock, 625 votes, beat Colleen M. Siener, 288 votes.


Heidi M. Higgins, 53 votes, defeated Jeffrey A. Genzel, 52 votes, to win the Conservative Town Board primary.


Republican Leonard K. Pero, 168 votes, defeated Donald L. Clark, 78 votes, in the primary for supervisor. The Republican nod for town justice went to Clark H. Borngraber, 169 votes, over Debra A. Ritz, 76 votes. Borngraber also won the Conservative primary over Ritz, 23 votes to 9 votes.

Jeffrey W. Gier, 9 votes, won the Independence primary over Mark J. DeCarlo, 8 votes, and Paulette R. Renaldo, 6 votes.


James P. DePasquale, 218 votes, defeated Annie M. Hoffman, 97 votes, in the Republican primary for supervisor. Primary council winners for two open council seats included Democrats Patrick C. Murphy, 114 votes, and Ronald R. Fraser, 105 votes, over David J. Arcara, 88 votes; and Republicans Arcara, 216 votes, and Jesse M. Hrycik, 184 votes, over Stephanie A. Czerniak, 104 votes, and Jennifer L. Okal, 79 votes. Winners of the Independence primary were Arcara, 17 votes, and Fraser, 11 votes, over Hrycik, 6 votes.

In the Democratic primary for highway superintendent, Paul J. Clarkson, 126 votes, defeated John J. Peplin Jr, 37 votes.


Norman J. Peters, 44 votes, defeated Brian D. Gernatt, 27 votes, in the Democratic primary. He also won the Republican line, 47 to 29.


In the Independence primary for highway superintendent, Edward J. Michalski, 72 votes, defeated Dominic M. Calandra, 47 votes.

Grand Island

Christopher K. Aronica, 81 votes, and Beverly A. Kinney, 77 votes, defeated Raymond A. Billica, 54 votes, in the Independence primary for two Town Board seats.

Mark J. Frentzel, 350 votes, defeated Joy M. Carrier Lamarca, 175 votes, in the Democratic primary for town justice. He also won the Republican, Conservative, Working Families and Independence lines.

William M. Stanley beat James Tomkins, 76 to 66, in the Independence vote for highway superintendent.


Merilu O’Dell, 108 votes, defeated Robert M. Ersing, 84 votes, in the Republican primary for town clerk.


John M. Abraham Jr., 85 votes, and Robert E. Leary, 45 votes, won the Independence primary for two Town Board seats over Patrick F. Sportelli, 40 votes, Diane T. Phelps, 30 votes, and Thomas J. Irish, 20 votes.

In the Democratic vote for town justice, Mark S. Aquino defeated Anthony J. Cervi, 789 to 444 votes. But Cervi won the GOP line 293 to 149.

Joseph M. Brainard, 51 votes, defeated Thomas E. Gregory, 25 votes, in the Independence primary for highway superintendent.


Earl A. Gingerich Jr. defeated George J. Gertz 213 votes to 151 in the Republican primary for supervisor. Leon E. Berner also defeated Gertz in the Conservative primary, 15 to 13. In the Republican primary for two council seats, winners were Deborah J. Beats, 253 votes, and Donald E. Darrow, 201, over Julie L. Lathrop, 140 votes, and Leonard J. Blizniak Jr., 130.


Dennis R. Freeman, 51 votes, defeated Cheryl M. Esposito, 21, in the Conservative primary for town justice. John P. Jendrowski Jr. won the primary for highway superintendent over Michael C. Bassanello, 52 to 21 votes.

Orchard Park

Lynmarie Phillips defeated Eugene L. Majchrzak in the Independence Town Board primary, 57 to 52 votes.


Daniel L. Miller defeated Beverly A. Gambino, 154 votes to 150 votes, in the Republican primary for supervisor. In the Republican primary for two council seats, Dale E. Hediger, 166 votes, and Carla L. Fuller, 163 votes, defeated Cheryl L. Earl, 141 votes, and Leonard R. Hochadel, 138 votes.

City of Tonawanda

In the Democratic primary for council, Jackie A. Smilinich, 106 votes, defeated Blake R. Boyle, 83 votes.

Town of Tonawanda

In the Independence primary for three Town Board seats, Ann M. Morelli, 118 votes, Lisa M. Chimera, 116 votes, and Gigi E. Grizanti, 115 votes, defeated John A. Bargnesi Jr., 107 votes, Michael R. Vishion, 90 votes, and Joseph H. Emminger, 89 votes, with 89 percent of results reported.

West Seneca

Challenger William P. Hanley Jr. was ahead of incumbent Councilman John M. Rusinski, 1,130 votes to 845 votes, in the Democratic primary, with 93 percent of results reported.


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