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Super Handyman: Easy organization for your kitchen

Our new kitchen has upright storage inside one of the cabinets for serving trays and cookie sheets. It’s very handy. But if you don’t have this type of built-in storage, you can create it for just a couple of bucks, and our way requires no tools. Just buy inexpensive tension rods that will reach from the top to the bottom of the inside of the cabinet.

Install a couple in a row from front to back to support the trays in an upright position. Create several rows of storage this way, and your kitchen will be organized in no time flat!


Q: I have an outdoor faucet that leaks every time I turn it on. I hate to waste water, even a few drips. I’m not sure how to fix it, but I would really like to try. What would you do? – R.D.

A: The first thing to do is determine what type of faucet it is. It might seem like they are all alike, but there are some differences. An easy way to do it is to take a picture of it with your phone and take that to your hardware store. Then you can see it up close and determine what parts you need to fix it.

Most fixes are inexpensive and fairly easy to replace, and might be as simple as tightening a nut or replacing a washer. Good luck!

Tips from readers

Dear Carrells: I put up new paneling in my study. It was a tough project, but it looks great. When I got it home from the home center, there were sheets of paper between each piece. I used these sheets as templates. I taped them up on the wall and marked where the outlets and switches were so I could cut them out before I put the paneling up. It made the whole process quicker, and fortunately, it all worked out right. It does look really nice. – N.J.


Dear Al: Our new sink faucet is a lot better than the old one. It pulls out from the base and can be used to spray vegetables and dishes clean. It can change from a stream to a spray. The old faucet had a separate sprayer and it came up through a hole in the sink next to the old faucet. I was going to just buy a plug to fit over this hole, but my hardware store had a soap dispenser that was made to fit into this space. It’s a soap-pump bottle, and it’s so much neater than having a bottle sitting on the counter next to the sink. What will they think of next, right? – E.S.


Dear Kelly: I use cooking spray when I bake chicken in my oven. It keeps the food from sticking to the baking dish. It works so well, I wondered if it would keep paint from sticking to my hands. I normally wear gloves when I paint, but I couldn’t find them when I was ready to get started last weekend. So I tried spraying my hands with cooking spray before I started. I was pretty neat, but I did get some paint on my hands. It just wiped right off with the cooking spray. It really works. You should try it. – T.J.


Dear Al: We painted our house numbers on our front door. We got large stencils and the numbers run from top to bottom along the back half of the door. They are each about 18 inches tall and painted in a contrasting color to match the house trim. They really look cool and make it easy to spot our address for people calling or for delivery people. – T.Y.


Bosch Power Tools is just coming out with a 12V Heated Jacket. It features three quick warming core heat zones and will provide up to six hours of heated runtime. It has three levels of heat and comes in six sizes. It even has a USB portal so you can keep your phone charged, too. You have to see this for yourself, so go to

Look for it at hardware stores and home centers starting in October.

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