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Letter: Capitalism is creating great construction jobs

Capitalism is creating great construction jobs

On Labor Day, The News carried an engaging article, “A very good time” for hard hats, telling of the many construction jobs in Buffalo and Niagara Falls resulting from several large-scale building projects now under way and planned in the future. Indeed, gratifying news of Western New York’s many hard-working, skilled tradesmen, employed at good jobs allowing them to ably support their families, was an uplifting and welcome relief from otherwise gloomy stuff about Syria.

One important point was overlooked in this otherwise fine piece and that is the fact that the motivation behind every one of these projects was the expectation of profit. On an almost weekly basis, some group of social activists inveighs against corporations, denouncing with biblical fervor their greed, while positing some scheme of relief for the oppressed, which inevitably amounts to redistributive tactics.

Entrepreneurs like Rocco Termini, Carl Paladino, Terry Pegula and Paul Iskalo all risk their personal money and sweat equity on these projects because of the expectation of making more money – profit. In so doing, they provide many, many good, high-paying jobs for Western New York’s fine working men and women, who in turn spend their paychecks to support the ones they love.

So the next time you’re driving past the cranes over the HarborCenter construction site next to the Sabres’ home ice, or the new Catholic Health System headquarters building site at the foot of the Kensington Expressway, remind yourself that it is free enterprise and capitalism that provide the good jobs that Western New York is now enjoying along with the dignity inherent in working and making their own way, enjoyed by these fine working men and women.

Kevin J. Rung

Grand Island

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