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Let’s rename it the Hot Sauce Blue Cheese Tower

Tower of power

Fie on the renaming of the HSBC Tower. It is ancient waiters’ wisdom, as handed down to Buzz from a manager of the Friar’s Table, that “MR” means “medium rare,” “SOS” means “sauce on the side,” “RX” means “on the rocks,” and HSBC means “Hot Sauce Blue Cheese.” So the HSBC Tower, rising over Buffalo like our longest and most imposing celery stick, has always seemed to us to be aptly named. Just because we’ve lost our, ahem, anchor tenant, doesn’t mean that we have to lose this symbolism. Let’s cut out the abbreviation and use the full name. The Hot Sauce Blue Cheese Tower. And here’s another idea that should take flight. You know the way that one Niagara Falls casino has that giant feather, visible for miles? We should have a giant wing.

Mirror, mirror on the ball

Giving Buffalo extra sparkle over the weekend, and making up for the pall cast by the Bills, was the Hustle For a Cure charity event Friday at the Harbour Club. It attracted a bevy of DJs from our disco era! Buzz was thrilled to meet “Doctor John” Bisci, a legend of Club 747. Bisci moved years ago to Las Vegas where he works for the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. What does he miss about Buffalo? Not our Bills. Our beaches. “There are no beaches in Vegas,” he said. What does he miss about the disco era? The style, it seems. Face it, you cannot work for a nightclub that looks like a giant glitzy airplane and emerge unaffected, tolerant of shorts and lackluster backwards baseball caps. Bisci said wistfully, “People used to get dressed to go out.”

The hills are alive

That Bills loss could be stoking a growing backlash against the hold the NFL has on our emotional welfare. First, jazz singer Mari McNeil posted a Facebook pic of Maria in “The Sound of Music” running smiling through the Alps. The caption read: “THIS IS ME – Not Caring About Football Season.” Ha, ha! Inspired by that image, sports and culture began to clash. “Maybe the BPO needs tailgating and Philharmonic ‘Battle of the Bands’ competitions,” suggested one music fan, Dave Pettigrew. Another envisioned play-by-plays: “End of first set! They are killing it! Way to go Buffalo Philharmonic!” A third idea came from News literary contributor R.D. Pohl: “What we need is a four-hour call-in talk show on WNED-FM after BPO concerts for fans to call in and complain about the horn section.”

Misheard on the street

Fantasy Island is laughing at Buzz. They said that the announcement we quoted last week about No Sulking was actually No Smoking. “Maybe we should have a No Sulking Area,” they added. Definitely! The Island is open for one more weekend.

The buzz

Alert, alert, acclaimed folk singer alert! We hear Willie Nile is being seen around Snyder, driving a little Hyundai. If you see him, be a Snyder insider and call him Bobby. That’s his name, Bobby Noonan. … You can’t go around with a frown on your face with the Theatre of Youth celebrating Curtain Up! with “A Year With Frog and Toad.” ... Courtesy, Buffalo style: A guy called in to WBEN to agree with Rep. Brian Higgins on Syria. He began by saying, “Congressman, I’ve always considered you a political hack, but …”


“Tenth Circle Added To Rapidly Growing Hell.”

– Headline in The Onion

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