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Mike Harrington’s Power Rankings for September 8

(Through Thursday’s games. Most recent in parentheses)

1. Atlanta Braves. With woefully easy September slate, call them a lock to win 100. (1)

2. Boston Red Sox. Bullpen walks a tightrope until it reaches remarkable Uehara. (5)

3. Los Angeles Dodgers. Heading into year 65, Scully named Grand Marshal for Rose Bowl Parade. (3)

4. Pittsburgh Pirates. Whoever thought Bucs-Rangers in September could be October preview? (7)

5. Detroit Tigers. Iglesias’ shin splints as big an issue for defense as Miggy’s abdominal problem is for lineup. (6)

6. Texas Rangers. Huge next 10 games vs. Pirates, A’s, Rays. (2)

7. St Louis Cardinals. Relieved Craig’s ankle isn’t broken. (4)

8. Oakland Athletics. Reddick eligible to come off DL Tuesday. (9)

9. Cincinnati Reds. Next nine vs. Cubs, Brewers, Astros. (10)

10. Tampa Bay Rays. Major struggles every time they go West. (8)

11. New York Yankees. Mariano has four blown saves since Aug. 1. (12)

12. Cleveland Indians. If they only could have been better than 3-15 against Tigers. (13)

13. Baltimore Orioles. Only AL contender below .500 vs. own division. (11)

14. Kansas City Royals. Omaha farm club won its PCL division with 70-74 record. Yep, 70-74. (14)

15. Washington Nationals. Claimed Bison MVP Gomez on waivers but didn’t put him in MLB. Weird. (16)

16. Arizona Diamondbacks. Hit weekend 16-5 in extra innings and 55-63 in regulation. (15)

17. Colorado Rockies. De La Rosa ties for NL lead with 16th win. (17)

18. Los Angeles Angels. Not mailing it in, as shown by Rays series. (23)

19. Philadelphia Phillies. What a winter of decisions with Halladay, Hamels and Lee. (18)

20. Toronto Blue Jays. Bone bruise in leg ends Bautista’s season. (21)

21. New York Mets. Kudos to ex-Bison skipper Backman for winning division title in Las Vegas. (19)

22. Seattle Mariners. With back barking, Felix’s next start moved from today to Wednesday. (20)

23. San Diego Padres. Was Headley a one-year wonder? (25)

24. San Francisco Giants. Definition of hideous: Zito has one win in last 20 starts. (24)

25. Minnesota Twins. Concussed Mauer may start playing more at first. (26)

26. Milwaukee Brewers. Cheap shot by Peralta to plunk Morneau after getting taken deep.

27. Chicago Cubs. Theo gives ex-Sox flamethrower Bard another chance. (27)

28. Chicago White Sox. Terrible beyond belief. Marlins and Astros have youth as an excuse. (28)

29. Miami Marlins. How do all the kids deal with first September grind? ... (29)

30. Houston Astros. Probably not very well. (30)

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