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Letters for September 8

Put pressure on Brady and Bills have a chance

For the Bills to have any chance of winning Sunday, they must have frequent heavy diversified blitzes against Brady. He is too accurate of a passer if given him any time to throw.

The few teams that beat New England were heavy blitzers.

On the other hand, the Bills will have to protect our young quarterback. Surely there will be a lot of blitzes coming from New England.

The Bills also need a couple of turnovers and very few penalties.

Edward Rybak


Bills a bonding force between father, son

This afternoon, for the first time since 1960, my father and I will not be either listening or watching the Buffalo Bills’ opener. The excitement of the new season is a bit tempered. My father passed away this past January, and it just won’t be the same. Now I have memories. Running out at halftime to play in front yard, the games at the “Rockpile,” waiting in frigid weather for tickets to the AFL Championship game against the Chiefs, the smell of cigars, the list goes on.

I realize that especially after the last 10 years of futility, it wasn’t just the love of football that brought us to the TV or radio. Those were our times, the times that I now turn to.

So I thank the Bills for giving me the chance over the last 50-plus years to create memories that will never go away.

Enjoy the game today, dad. You have the best seat in the house.

David Schaff


Immediate future for teams doesn’t look promising

I really hate to be pessimistic, but in this case reality dictates it. Beginning now and going forward for at least the next two years, the Buffalo professional sports scene can best be described as a big mess.

Youth and injuries to the Bills will likely result in a team in the NFL’s bottom five. This does not even take into consideration the adjustment period of learning new offense and defense schemes.

The Sabres will not be any better. Two of their best players (Vanek and Miller) don’t want to be part of a lengthy rebuilding project which unfortunately includes extensive losing. Don’t get me wrong – both teams are doing what is necessary to build strong organizations for the future. It just won’t happen anytime soon.

We used to be able to count on the Bisons and Bandits to win championships fairly regularly, but sadly we can’t count on these minor triumphs either as mediocrity has set in.

So from a sports point of view, if you’ve been contemplating taking a year or two off from work to travel with your family or accepting that temporary transfer to Helsinki from your boss, now would be the perfect time to do it. You will come back home refreshed and the sports scene will look more promising, Bon voyage.

Dennis Weber


Sabres need everyone to contribute for success

For the Buffalo Sabres to contend and perhaps win a Stanley Cup, the first thing they need is four solid lines. While this isn’t an aberration, it’s amazing how few teams really have four strong lines. Chicago, Boston and L.A. are exceptions. The more really good players, the better.

Vanek, Leino, Ott, Fuynn, Foligno, Hodgson, Grigorenko, Girgensons, Ennis. They are all needed along with defensemen, Weber, Pysyk, McNabb, Myers, Tallinder and Ehrhoff, And of course perhaps the most important position, goaltending: Enroth, Miller, Hackett. The Sabres have enough good players, they just need to pick the right ones and get them on the same page. Go Buffalo.

Mike Ciko


Buffalo being slighted on new UB uniforms

Recently, I read in the News that the athletic department at the University of Buffalo is “rebranding” the varsity uniforms.

While watching the Buffalo Bulls play Ohio State Aug. 31, I was dismayed and saddened to see “State University of New York Buffalo” on the U.B. team’s shirt instead of “Buffalo.” With the recent changes, New York takes prominence and Buffalo is barely visible on the jersey. In the past, as U.B. has progressed to become an even finer academic and sports institution, the easily seen Buffalo name on the uniform has rightly been shown to designate our region’s location and equally to display our pride in the largest public university in New York State.

Many alumni and local businesses, which have remained here, have supported and donated generously because of the advancement of the university and the fact that it is based in Buffalo.

With New York standing out on the team’s uniforms, it is degrading and a slap in the face to our city’s proud U.B. students, alumni and citizens, especially now as the university gains even more distinction in higher education, research and college athletics.

Dan Irwin Sr.


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