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We cannot afford to keep every church in city open

There are two important facts that all my good Catholic friends should keep in mind when discussing the closing of St. Ann and other Catholic churches in Buffalo. First, and most important, we do not need an ornate building to find and pray to God. He is wherever we are.

The second factor is of more practical significance. The Catholic population has, in large part, shifted out of the city and into the suburbs. Many Catholics have stopped practicing their faith and are simply no longer attending Mass at any church. Those who are still practicing Catholics, like my husband and I, are going to churches near our homes.

If there were enough parishioners attending and supporting those beautiful churches in the city, they would still be open. Catholics who attend weekly Mass contribute to both the support of their own church and the diocese. The Diocese of Buffalo is all of us. So, if you want empty churches to stay open, even beautiful ones, you are asking all Western New York Catholics to pay for the upkeep on these churches that very few attend.

Mitzi Fuller


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