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Letter: President has done little to address climate change

President has done little to address climate change

When President Obama visited the University at Buffalo on Aug. 22, it was the perfect birthday present to be able to welcome him to Buffalo as part of the protest outside. This past June the president had indicated that the country would take “bold action” to address climate change, even as he included the use of natural gas in his plan – natural gas that is retrieved through the dangerous process of deep shale drilling or fracking. As various studies have found, methane leaks during natural gas extraction undermine the supposed benefits of natural gas, instead increasing greenhouse emissions that exacerbate climate change. Fracking is simply another form of dirty fossil fuel development and keeps us from developing safe, job-creating, renewable energy sources.

Over 75 of us gathered that day outside UB to urge the president to reject natural gas and fracking – the false solution to climate change. New Yorkers just aren’t buying it after having gone through Hurricanes Sandy and Lee, which caused our state to experience the harshest effects of climate change and cost us tens of billions of dollars in damage. Obama needs to show real leadership on climate change and renewable energy, instead of listening to the lies of the gas and oil industries. I was proud to be one of the protesters who demanded Obama stop denying the science, and reverse his position on fracking and natural gas.

Frank Gage


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