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Attacking Syria will lead to more violence

Let’s rethink President Obama’s red line dilemma. The president says, “Don’t cross this line or you will pay a heavy price.” The line is crossed, and over a thousand die. So the president says, “OK, you asked for it,” and readies the cruise missiles. Why is it that I can’t help but think about gang fights of the ’60s and ’70s in Buffalo. “They crossed Fillmore, that’s our turf. We have to make them pay or else we’ll look weak. Get the gang together and we’ll cross into their turf and break some heads.” The ensuing fight results in death and injury to both sides.

The Syrian foreign minister said America is cowardly and weak. So what! We have to learn from the past and be smarter. It’s primitive cave-man, gang-fight thinking. We know what it will reap. More violence. Isn’t it time we try another way? Aren’t we better than this?

Paul Steffan


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