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Letter: Arab nations should resolve crisis in Syria

Arab nations should resolve crisis in Syria

What is happening to the Syrian people is tragic and constitutes war crimes by the Assad regime. All nations, through the United Nations, should condemn the Syrian government for its use of nerve gas on innocent civilians and should act collectively as an international force to end the bloodshed, bring Bashar Assad to account, and impose a cease-fire so that negotiations may begin to restore peace and civil society to the Syrian nation. However, Russia will likely block any attempt to involve the United Nations.

In that case, the conflict should rightly be seen as a regional problem for the Arab nations to address and resolve. Saudi Arabia has a technologically advanced air force, and it, Jordan, Kuwait, the Emirates and Turkey can muster ground forces that could secure Syrian munitions, separate the forces and impose a cease-fire. To me, this is an Arab problem and it for the Arabs to solve. For the United States to get involved directly and on its own is a no-win situation for us.

Meddling in the Middle East by Western powers since the end of World War I and the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire has done nothing but create enmity toward the United States and has been fodder for the growth of al-Qaida and terrorism by Islamic extremists. The United States cannot continue to play Texas Ranger to the entire world. This is not our fight, and we will not be thanked for getting involved. Let the blame for the deaths by nerve gas of hundreds of Syrian civilians, especially children, be on Russia’s head where it rightfully belongs. The United States alone must not get militarily involved in Syria.

Douglas Levy


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