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Don’t give up fight to preserve St. Ann

The Buffalo Catholic Diocese will likely demolish St. Ann Church. It will join the group of 70 churches already shuttered in Western New York. This must be a field day for anti-Christians – we are destroying our own churches!

This outstanding edifice, built in 1886 by the hard work and sacrifices of European immigrants, must go? Not really. Let’s rethink it.

First, appeal to the Vatican for help. Pope Francis is a Jesuit and St. Ann is a Jesuit church. Any time there is a disaster in Italy (floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions) an appeal is made in local churches and we send Italy money. Turn about is fair play.

Second, as for equating the cost of St. Ann repairs ($8 million to $12 million) to proceeds of the Catholic Charities yearly drive ($10 million to $11 million), let us consider this. Take one year’s proceeds and use them to repair this architectural treasure. As for the charitable endeavors, suspend them for one year and let New York State assume that role of aiding the needy.

Restore the church and emulate what is done in Italy. Establish structured tours and charge admission. People will come and the cost of repairs will be regained. And hopefully, Christianity will survive.

Thelma C. Jenkins


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