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Letter: Corps of Engineers made the right call

Corps of Engineers made the right call

The recent decision by Brig. General Margaret W. Burcham and supported by Rep. Chris Collins and Rep. Brian Higgins to not scale back staff at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Buffalo Office, relocating those positions to Detroit, makes sense for so many reasons.

First of all, it will mean that the many hard-working, local corps employees who would be relocated or eliminated are saved from that undesirable prospect. The corps’ review and study of cost-saving measures is commendable, but the services provided to an area the size of Western New York need to remain local.

Many staff members from that office spend time in the field locally, reviewing potential government and private project sites. Those site visits conducted from a Detroit office would be very costly. The convenience, time and costs to local businesses, government officials and individuals needing to meet and interact with corps staff in their office was also undoubtedly considered.

While these are not direct tax dollars, they are costs to taxpayers that will be saved by not having to trek to Detroit as well. Decisions made about Western New York matters will continue to be made in Western New York by Western New York residents. Kudos for the review of cost-saving measures and kudos for the right decision made.

Michael Metzger, P.E.

Metzger Civil Engineering


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