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Letter: Why not ask teachers how to fix city schools?

Why not ask teachers how to fix city schools?

It is time to respond to those from towns like East Concord, Angola and Snyder who have taken the time to share their expert opinions on ways to fix the Buffalo Public Schools. Unless you have walked in the shoes of the urban teacher, you are not qualified to offer your “pie in the sky” solutions to problems you cannot possibly understand, just because you attended school at some point in your life. I would never presume to tell an auto worker how to make a better car, just because I know how to drive one. I did notice that no one advocated the countywide school system solution.

Have you ever served food in your classroom to young children and had to clean up, as best you can, with no aide, before the school day can begin? Oh, I forgot. The children can do this themselves.

Teaching in the city is a calling. Some of the finest teachers I have had the pleasure to know have walked through the doors of city schools. Some made it to retirement. Others burned out long before their time.

No one seems to ask the teachers what is needed to fix the problems in our schools, but they are first in line to be blamed for them, even when the problems originate in the home and neighborhood. “Experts” who are far removed from the classroom make all the decisions, and millions of dollars line hundreds of pockets as “teach for the test” replaces “teach for the love of learning.”

Joan Spillman


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