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Letter: Many adults are setting poor example for youth

Many adults are setting poor example for youth

After reading the excellent letter about the fundraiser conducted by the Buffalo Regals Pee Wee Minor Hockey team, it raised my hopes that manners are not going away like cursive writing. Today, while shopping, you always hear the reply, “no problem” or “yeah” when you say thank you. What happened to the response, “you’re welcome”?

When adults complain about the younger generation, they should look at their own conduct. How many times do you see adults obsessively babbling on their cellphones while totally ignoring the cashiers, restaurant workers or store associates who are providing a service to them? Then you wonder why there is a lack of respect and manners.

How many times do you see couples or groups in a restaurant totally absorbed in their electronic devices and having no interaction with each other? How sad. Are we becoming a generation of anti-social recluses? Many establishments have signs that read, “no shirts, no shoes, no service.” It’s time that these same establishments add “no service to cellphone users.”

It’s never too late to show respect and to remember that manners should be paramount by people of all ages. The Buffalo Regals showed their class and education by their actions. We should follow their example.

Cathy Kern

North Tonawanda

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