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Home decor: Discovering gold and other trends for the season

Polished nickel has some competition this fall. Elle Decor called brass “the metal of the moment.” Indeed, brass, bronze and other warm-colored metals, finishes or fabrics are showing up on everything from flatware to flounce pillows.

And it’s just one of the popular looks freshening things up in homes this fall.

As for door and cabinet hardware, not only does today’s brass come in a wide range of finishes – from antique to polished – it also is often mixed with other materials, said Mary Gorenflo, of Touch of Brass in Williamsville, which specializes in brass and other cabinet and door hardware.

“There are brass cabinet knobs or doorknobs with horsehair or leather inserts, or mixed with mother-of-pearl; tiger-eye; granite; black, pink or blue onyx, or even Swarovski crystals,” she said.

But you don’t have to make a big investment: For fall, even gold-painted faux pumpkins or pillar candles can visually warm up interiors. Or picture bronze beaded place mats paired with sunflower-patterned linens.

The golden look goes beyond home decorating.

“It’s in nail polish, it’s in eye shadow, it’s in lipstick and women’s shoes. It’s all out there. My dog even has a brass-gold rhinestone collar – a bling-bling collar in that amber tone,” Gorenflo said.

Some other trends for dressing your home:

• Nailhead trims. The American Home Furnishings Alliance last fall noted that nailheads would become a big trend. Now they have. These aren’t so much the large, shiny ones you may recall from the past. Newer versions may be smaller and brushed.

Nailheads embellish upholstered seating, as one might expect, but they also trim mirror frames, throw pillows, headboards and other accessories.

“Another nice feature for nailheads is to dress up a room-divider screen. You can do some fun things with the design of the nailheads,” said Margaret Jendrejzak, in-home decorator at Calico in Williamsville.

“I also love putting nailheads on a cornice. It makes such a great look for a den. It’s very stylized and gives it a nice masculine touch. It can dress up a solid-colored fabric and make it into a sensational custom-made cornice,” she said.

• Saturated colors. Pantone LLC named emerald the color for 2013, but as we move into fall, deep aquas and other saturated blues and greens are showing up on many items for the home – from plastic storage boxes to tufted leather furniture.

Other popular saturated hues – think deep, rich, luxurious colors – include deep raspberries, golds and browns.

While saturated colors often emerge in the fall, it’s the combinations that keep them fresh. Deep teal and gray. Brown and magenta.

• Go-anywhere seats: Whether you call them ottomans or poufs, these extra seats are found in all price ranges. Some were available for the back-to-dorm crowd at Target and other stores, often designed with storage under the seats.

But ottomans are a versatile piece in more permanent settings as well.

At Calico, “we have some with X bases. We also have a fully upholstered ottoman; two of them fit under and liven up an old sofa table. They’re two small squares, and you can tuck them away for extra seating for a party,” Jendrejzak said.

Another bonus: Since this is an accent piece, you can have fun with patterned fabrics – a design you may not want to commit to on a larger piece such as a sofa. Or add fringe or – again – some nailhead trim.

• Animal patterns. We’re not talking leopard or zebra prints but the entire animal. Roosters have returned; Pier 1 features their likenesses on dining chair fabrics, pillows, table runners and more for the look described as “farmhouse chic.” A white ceramic rooster even perches on the top of a paper towel holder.

There’s more. Dogs of several breeds parade across novelty bedding from the Plow & Hearth catalog. There’s a dog bed to match. More of a cat person? Figurative felines are found on another flannel sheet pattern.

It can be safely said, however, that owls have taken over the fall decorating world. Woodland creatures such as bears and deer are a natural, come fall and winter, but owls – popular for several seasons now – simply will not go away.

Look for their likenesses on toothbrush holders, pitchers, mugs, cookie jars, salt and pepper shakers and cheese spreaders. They grace fall planters, doormats and bookends.

They’re quite the hoot.

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