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Cheap eats at The Howling Rooster: Good food at reasonable prices

Mr. Google tells me that there is one restaurant in the world named “The Howling Rooster,” and it’s this one. On our way out after enjoying a delicious breakfast in this comfortable spot that is decorated with many poultry-related images and artifacts, we asked a staffer, “Why is the rooster howling?”

The woman replied that it’s because the eatery is open late on Friday nights, when it adds a fish fry to the menu – “and that’s when we howl!”

But we prefer to think that the rooster, whose logo shows him gripping a megaphone in one foot to amplify his crowing, is howling the news that this spot, open just a few months, is serving some excellent food.

Everything we had was very good, served hot, in plentiful portions and at reasonable prices.

As can be expected, there are many egg dishes on the menu, including the Rooster’s breakfast of scrambled eggs with ham and cheddar ($6.49). Skillets are made with home fries, two extra-large eggs and a variety of mix-ins from $7.59 for one packed with vegetables to $7.99 for the Amigos, cooked with bacon, sausage, ham, peppers, onions, salsa, sour cream and cheddar. Steak and eggs, made with a 6-ounce sirloin, is $5.99 if you catch the early bird on weekdays, $7.99 after 11 a.m. on weekends.

Besides eggs, there are two other themes on this menu – Greek and Southwestern. The Greek offerings include spicy feta with pita chips ($5.99), hummus or tzatziki with grilled pita ($5.59) and spanikopita ($5.89), along with souvlaki salad ($8.59) and wrap ($6.59). The Southwestern-style dishes include a taco omelette ($7.49), huevos rancheros ($5.99, with ham or sausage $6.99). Lunch dishes include half-pound burgers or boneless chicken breast ($6.29) that you can customize, and “sandwiches that need no explanation,” although the menu adds, “you can ask.” They are the patty melt ($6.99), tuna melt ($5.99), BLT ($4.99) and grilled cheese ($3.99).

A special section on the menu is devoted to the “Rooster roasted turkey,” which is described as being slow roasted in-house and piled high on a regular sandwich ($5.89), a melt ($7.29) or a club, also available with ham ($8.29). The most expensive item on the menu, at $8.99, is the BBQ pulled pork, also slow roasted in-house, smothered in barbecue sauce, topped with french fries and coleslaw.

Both the turkey and pulled pork sounded delicious, but John, Pat, John and I were all in the mood for breakfast when we dropped in on a weekend morning.

Our short stack of French toast ($5.39) was made with two thick slabs of fresh Italian bread, with a perfect amount of eggy batter that was nicely fried. A full stack (three slices for $6.39) would satisfy even the hungriest person, we thought. A side of five bacon strips ($2.99) was prepared, as requested, extra crisp, and was very good.

The corned beef hash breakfast ($6.99) featured a sizable serving of meaty hash, not as salty as some and nicely balanced with diced potato. The egg was prepared over medium.

The thin homemade apple cinnamon crêpes looked good ($5.59) on the menu and even better on the plate, two thick tubes of tender, thin pancake stuffed with delicious cinnamon-accented apple segments and sprinkled with powdered sugar and more cinnamon.

Our last dish was a specialty of the house, the “Roo-ben,” an omelette that incorporates the ingredients of the Reuben sandwich. The three extra-large eggs were cooked and folded around a filling of tangy sauerkraut and tender, tasty sliced corned beef, topped with a slice of melted Swiss. The Thousand Island dressing was served on the side, a nice touch.

We heard before we visited that the pies are homemade, and we meant to leave room, but failed. Consider yourself warned.


The Howling Rooster

Where: 299 Kenmore Ave. (838-4440)

3.5 pennies

Hours: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily except for Friday, when it is open until 9 p.m.

Wheelchair-accessible: Yes.

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