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Letter: Many good candidates don’t stand a chance

Many good candidates don’t stand a chance

So you want to run for office and get into the world of politics? You know what’s better than complaining about our political system? Doing something about it. You’re smart, you have ideas and you have guts.

It is unfortunate that the good-old-boy network is alive and well in Clarence. We are fortunate to live in a country where anyone can run for public office, however, the political machine in Clarence does not believe in a democracy where people, and not parties, choose their candidates. Local party committees have a great deal of power. Most of the people we vote for have been selected by them.

The very foundation is the right of citizens to circulate petitions. All citizens have a right to run for political office. But that right is taken away by local politicians.

An election means that people decide who they want to represent them. It should not matter how many names are on a ballot or what party they belong to. What should matter is the person you are electing to represent you and your best interests. If everyone is doing the job he was elected to do, then competition should not be a threat. Sometimes the best candidate for a position is not even allowed to enter a fair and ethical competition.

Local politics should not be about the political parties. Local concerns are not the same as at the national level. Locally it is about highways, master plans, development, keeping taxes low and coordinating with schools and business. It is what’s best for everyone in your community. But without the blessing of your local party, you don’t stand a chance.

Beverly Campochiaro

East Amherst

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