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Letter: Maintain St. Ann Church for future generations

Maintain St. Ann Church for future generations

Beloved St. Ann Church, an oasis of beauty and spiritual life in the City of Buffalo, appears destined for the wrecking ball.

Like the youthful human body, healthy and desirable, this wonderful church and shrine was, for 150 years, the pride of the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. Once having the largest Catholic elementary school in the country (2,000 students), educated by the Franciscan sisters and Jesuit fathers, St. Ann parish prepared many of our finest citizens for successful, productive futures.

Now it is old and needs some repairs so that its smaller, but enthusiastic, congregation can continue to maintain this cherished edifice for generations to come.

After selling off the 64 glorious stained-glass windows and dismantling the intricately hand-carved altars so lovingly created by German immigrants, the diocese will use these funds not to repair the church, but to demolish this magnificent landmark.

The cost of demolishing St. Ann Church cannot be counted in dollars alone. Western New York should not be stripped of all things beautiful and meaningful. Let’s get a true and accurate financial estimate for reasonable repairs.

Razing this historical treasure will erase all memory of its footprint. In its place, another vacant lot.

The only chance there is of stopping this travesty is to let the diocesan leadership (the bishop) know how you feel by writing, calling, texting, tweeting, blogging. Contact the Diocese of Buffalo. You are the church!

Colleen Walsh


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