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Wegmans ending price freeze program

News staff report

Wegmans has ended its seasonal price freeze program.

In 2011, the company began freezing prices on products it said families buy most – carrots, roasting chickens, bread – as a way to hold the line on rising food costs in a time of high unemployment and economic uncertainty. The company pledged to keep prices the same on a certain list of Wegmans-brand products for a specified period of time, even if the cost of those items went up.

Each time that period expired, the company would issue a new list of items. When the most recent list expired in August, the company decided not to extend the program.

“Now there is some improvement in the economy, although not to the degree we’d all like. We’ve decided to eliminate the seasonal list with an end date, and focus on our basic philosophy of consistent prices all the time on items families use most in our new ‘Seasonal Family Favorites’ list,” wrote Mary Ellen Burriss, Wegmans senior vice president of consumer affairs, in a column on the company’s Web site.

The new seasonal family favorites list has no guaranteed price freezes and focuses on staple items, many of them packaged in the family-sized “club pack” portions.

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