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Super Handyman: Concrete blocks for tool storage

A few concrete blocks can be used to create some super storage for your yard tools. The more you have, the more versatile you can make it. Three or four blocks can be stacked up and the handles placed into the core created by the blocks. If you set two or three on the ground, then stagger stack a couple more on top of these and add a third row, also staggered, you will have created a whole line of storage holes for these tools.


Q: I have a free-standing range/oven combo. It’s a great appliance, but now that we have a child I am wondering if I should try to attach it to the wall somehow to prevent it from accidentally tipping forward. What do you suggest? – G.T.

A: Check your owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website to see if it offers an anti-tipping bracket. Most manufacturers will have this available to you. Good for you – it’s a smart thing to do. If you cannot find one, you can use some screws and a metal angle iron shaped to fit.

Tips from readers

Dear Carrells: We decided to use epoxy paint on our garage floor this summer. I wanted to do it because I wanted it to look better. I cleaned off most of the stains and followed the directions. I had no idea what the paint would do to the cleanliness of the garage. There’s no more dust! For years, we had concrete dust on the floor that got tracked into the house. Now it’s gone. The garage is always clean now. Who knew? Well, I guess you probably did. – H.S.


Dear Al: I have a new shop vacuum and it’s a lot better than my old one. When the old one quit working, I was going to throw it away but decided to save some of the parts for other projects. The cord is long, so I cut it off and saved it to use with another appliance at some point. I also saved the canister part. It’s large and on sturdy wheels, and I keep my garden tools and other supplies in it. It’s perfect and very handy. – R.T.


Dear Kelly: We painted our playroom floor some wild and crazy colors. It’s mostly for the kids, and they really enjoy it. I also added some numbers and letters to the floor. We use it as a teaching tool. We even added some carpet tiles in a variety of colors to help them learn their colors as well. Maybe when they are older we’ll tone it down a little, but right now it’s a lot of fun. – H.S.


Dear Carrells: I found a great way to store my router bits. I got a couple of scraps of pegboard and stacked them, one on top of the other, four high. I set it up with two rows of holes, 15 holes in a row. Then I trimmed them so they were all exactly the same size. I glued them together and have set this on my bench top. I can store the bits in the holes of the pegboard and I have noted the size of each one on the front. It’s a fantastic way to store your bits and have them handy to choose from when you need one for a project. – D.S.


LeakStopper will, as you might have guessed, stop leaks. This stuff is super easy to work with and does a great job. It’s available in a clear formula, which is much better than the usual black. LeakStopper is flexible, so it expands and contracts in all weather conditions to hold tight. It can be used on roofs, fiberglass, gutters, wood, concrete, rocks and can be used indoors and out. It goes on white but will dry clear and will not cloud or yellow. To find out more or to locate a dealer, visit their website at

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