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Letter: Sewer infrastructure can’t accommodate hotel

Sewer infrastructure can’t accommodate hotel

The residents of Livingston Parkway were promised that the area surrounding Mike’s Pond would remain a treed, wildlife sanctuary and a buffer to the I-290. Iskalo Development thought differently. Nine variances, along with a height variance, were given to the developer by the Town of Amherst. The boundaries for Mike’s Pond still are in dispute. It is a pond, not Lake Erie.

We are not opposed to a two- or three-story building such as Lord Amherst, but a six-story building will forever destroy the character that Snyder is known for. But there is more to just erecting a monstrous building. The taxpaying residents of Lakewood Parkway will be greatly affected because with a building comes sewage. Iskalo plans to run a 1,400-foot, 8-inch PVC sewer line from the 137-room hotel for flushing toilets, running showers and sinks.

Surveyors have been at the rear of our properties marking off a width of 30 feet of trees and brush for removal. The hotel sewer line would run through that property to connect into our residential, 60-year-old, 8-inch clay sewer line. Fifty-eight single-family homes on Lakewood are on this 60-year-old infrastructure.

After consulting with architects, plumbers and engineers, they all independently stated it should never be done because it more than likely will fail. Feces removal from basements is costly, disgusting and, most important, a definite health hazard.

There is widespread opposition – petitions have been signed and lawn signs are evident throughout the area. Construction jobs are temporary, but a building is forever. Wake up, Amherst, before it really is too late.

Dianne Mania


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