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Letter: Governor’s cuts making prisons more dangerous

Governor’s cuts making prisons more dangerous

As reported in The News, another serious attack on staff has occurred at the Attica Correctional Facility. There has been a steady increase in violence within the New York State prison system. More inmates have been attacking correction officers, coincidentally, as the governor announces his plans to close more prisons. What is even more disgusting is that he hired 22 high-salaried deputy superintendents while at the same time referring to his actions as cost-saving measures.

Hey, governor, I guess now we know why you are closing prisons and stuffing the inmates into already overcrowded prisons – so that you can continue the status quo of your predecessors and cut the bottom to feed the bloated administrations at the top. While these highly compensated bureaucrats continue to make these life-threatening decisions from behind the safety of their desks, they have the luxury of not facing the consequences that their actions bring.

When a correction officer goes to work each day, the last thing he or she needs is more manufactured stress and danger. The reason these bureaucrats have the ability to make foolish decisions is because there is no accountability. Since the governor allows his inner circle to continuously make careless and senseless decisions, I would like to see the following occur. The governor should pledge that if a career-ending injury or death should occur because of the dangerous conditions he has allowed to grow, he will immediately resign as a result of his poor leadership.

Vinny Blasio

Correction Sergeant, Gowanda

Correctional Facility

Lake View

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