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Letter: Let’s break the cycle of domestic violence

Let’s break the cycle of domestic violence

For a community to have prosperous neighborhoods, respect is of utmost importance. Domestic violence is an incredibly tragic and dangerous problem. As the town supervisor of Orchard Park, this subject hits home for our community. In recent years, we lost a community member to this horrible violence. Verbal, emotional and physical abuse are unacceptable. Domestic abuse not only affects the person who is being abused, it affects the victim’s children, co-workers, family and friends. In a horrible and painful truth, putting up with domestic violence continues the cycle of violence.

As adults in the community and in our homes, we must live by example for our children and show them the decent and correct way human beings should treat one another. Domestic violence and abuse is never OK. You can get help, it can get better, and you can find a safe place for you and your children from your abuser. Moving forward from the mournful aftermath of the shocking loss in our community, Orchard Park has taken action to create a safe haven for victims of domestic violence. The Family Justice Center of Erie County has a shelter that is open and located in Orchard Park. The Justice Center offers free services for victims and their children. Please, if anyone needs help or a safe place, contact the Family Justice Center at 662-0259.

Janis A. Colarusso

Orchard Park

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