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Letter: Climate change poses serious threat to us all

Climate change poses serious threat to us all

It saddens me to read about another horrific natural disaster in our country. The fear created by the Yosemite fire is unequivocal, but the reporting of the fire by news agencies like NPR is certainly questionable. A report I listened to made no mention of the contribution of global warming to this fire, even though scientists agree that rising global temperature makes such fires more likely.

In Western New York, we’ve been somewhat sheltered from the more grave impacts climate change has had on other parts of the country. Unfortunately, the connection between these disasters and climate change isn’t consistently reported. We all need to remind ourselves that the human impact of climate change is important no matter where we live. Locally, fracking has not been allowed, but it will contribute to further global warming if permitted in our state. Methane leaks that occur at fracking sites contribute to global warming, as do emissions from the heavy machinery used in these operations. I encourage people to learn more about this threat and its relevance to our safety and climate stability.

Alison Schweichler


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