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BPO should do more for its injured pianist

The frightening accident that caused serious injuries to pianist Claudia Hoca is compounded by the report that Hoca has no health insurance. Patients in this situation suffer not only because of their medical problems, but also because they must agonize over financial hardship. The benefit being planned by her friends and colleagues will help to support her.

I am most concerned about the perceived lack of specific support by the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. In one news report, Hoca is described as the “staff pianist” at the BPO. Why, in all her years of dedicated service as a staff pianist, was there never a negotiation to obtain something of a regular salary for her so that she would have some confidence in her future health protection? I have no idea why the BPO has not covered Hoca over these many years, but it seems to me in a situation like this the BPO should commit to helping one of its own. A most sour note by the BPO administration.

Kim Griswold


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