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Save money on computer games with “Humble Bundle”

If you don’t need to play the latest big-budget video games the moment they’re released, there’s an increasingly popular way to stock up on yesterday’s hot titles for very little money.

A Humble Bundle is a collection of computer video games offered for one pay-what-you-wish price at the website Originally, Humble Bundles were made up of independent games, but later expanded to include digital book and MP3 soundtrack bundles. Currently, Humble Bundle is offering a collection of six high-profile Electronic Arts games on the Origin and Steam game services, including “Dead Space 3” and “Mirror’s Edge,” for any price.

Those who pay more than the average payment of $4.82 get two bonus games, “Battlefield 3” and “The Sims 3.” Proceeds from EA’s cut of the Bundle go to several charities. The Bundle can be given as a gift and buyers can allocate how much of their “Tip” goes to each charity.

Humble Bundle is not the only place where bundles are sold for a limited amount of time. Indie Game Bundles and Bundle Stars are two other hubs for such deals and Steam regularly puts together game collections at a steep discount.

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