If you don’t need to play the latest big-budget video games the moment they’re released, there’s an increasingly popular way to stock up on yesterday’s hot titles for very little money.

A Humble Bundle is a collection of computer video games offered for one pay-what-you-wish price at the website humblebundle.com. Originally, Humble Bundles were made up of independent games, but later expanded to include digital book and MP3 soundtrack bundles. Currently, Humble Bundle is offering a collection of six high-profile Electronic Arts games on the Origin and Steam game services, including “Dead Space 3” and “Mirror’s Edge,” for any price.

Those who pay more than the average payment of $4.82 get two bonus games, “Battlefield 3” and “The Sims 3.” Proceeds from EA’s cut of the Bundle go to several charities. The Bundle can be given as a gift and buyers can allocate how much of their “Tip” goes to each charity.

Humble Bundle is not the only place where bundles are sold for a limited amount of time. Indie Game Bundles and Bundle Stars are two other hubs for such deals and Steam regularly puts together game collections at a steep discount.

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