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Letter: Using three-tiered system might improve education

Using three-tiered system might improve education

This is in regard to the failures of education in this state and beyond. I sincerely believe it is the failure of the New York State Board of Regents and the state. I would imagine the amount of staffing and monetary investment at the highest levels of state education administration, if revealed, would indicate the sources of the problems.

The term “core” that is being used is borrowed and should not be applied to primary and secondary education. I feel a three-tiered system might provide education in a more equitable way to all levels of ability. I am basing this on my experiences of education and life.

The first level could cover the basics that all students should be required to achieve from the beginning of education through graduation. Teaching should include a joy of learning, self-respect and respect for others so that all levels of ability and the different paths of study are respected. Young adults need to be self-sufficient and capable of entering the workplace. They need to be able to speak and use the English language, understand and use basic math, and learn local and U.S. history and geography. Personal health also would be beneficial to all.

A second level for those capable and desiring more education could include the aforementioned at a higher level, possibly as preparation for community colleges. Also, if so inclined, some could benefit from technical training in the trades.

The highest level would be for those who are capable of study at the highest level. College-level courses could be available as preparation for study at colleges and universities. This would truly mean “No Child Left Behind” and a meaningful education for all.

Oliver Berry


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