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Letter: Students are foolish to cheer for Obama

Students are foolish to cheer for Obama

I listened to my radio to the cheers at the University at Buffalo over President Obama’s speech, which he no doubt read from his ubiquitous monitor.

What sickens me is the number of people yelling at the end of every sentence to that tired old speech, every word of which has been heard before. Have those students not learned in college the difference between a less expensive education and a real one, leading to a decent job in the field they are hopefully preparing for and amassing a life of financial debt to obtain?

That man who gave his speech while they were breathlessly and mindlessly cheering is the very man who is dashing all hope of them ever getting that job for which they are preparing. One day they will figure this out, but it might be too late for them. They should have learned this in college. God help us; Obama can’t.

Ron Wilson

East Amherst

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