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Letter: Many children need a lesson in manners

Many children need a lesson in manners

Donn Esmonde’s recent column made me think about the unruly children in Buffalo. Yes, there is a “minority of black teens who have never learned to behave in public.” As a retired teacher in this system, I can tell you that there are plenty of children of other races who aren’t exactly civilized. They are making the good kids look bad. They are preventing the well-behaved children from getting the best instruction from their teachers.

Although it is nice when the troublemakers are not in class, we cannot have them wandering the streets. I believe they should be sent to charm school.

Any child could have a bad day once or twice. It happens. But after the third time they have proven themselves to be nuisances, they should be enrolled in a special after-school program to teach them manners. They would learn what society expects of them. They would be taught why it is important to respect, not fear, other people. Role playing could be used to help the children practice good behavior. Maybe students who have demonstrated proficiency in these skills could be taken out in public to practice their skills. This could include proper behavior on a bus and in a restaurant. Dressing for success would be included.

A dog who is not housebroken or who bites and jumps on people is not a good pet. Children need to understand that they are not a joy to have around when they behave in a similar way.

Christine Snyder


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