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Government’s treatment of veterans is disgraceful

When do we vets get respect? The unconscionable manner in which the Department of Veterans Affairs treats veterans must come to a halt. Claims processors are getting bonuses for keeping our veteran heroes in servitude by holding back their claims for benefits that they have earned for their military service. This is not welfare. How many VA workers have served in the military? Get rid of the entire lot and replace them with veterans who care about their fellow man, not slacking off for bonuses.

Whenever there are budgetary concerns, the federal government puts the problem on the backs of veterans. If it doesn’t want to pay benefits, don’t send people to war and then wait for them to die with service-connected illnesses, PTSD, brain injury, suicide, etc. This is the way the feds thank us for our service. It is shameful and disgraceful. No more wars.

Henry Mazurek

Vietnam Veteran 1966-67


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