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Letter: Name-calling useless for solving problems

Name-calling useless for solving problems

I am writing in regard to “Looking evil in the eye” by Susan Estrich. While we are all appalled at the outrageous killing of an Australian visitor to this country, calling other human beings beasts and talking of evil does nothing to help us get to the root of solving this heinous condition that we find in America.

Bored, immoral individuals so separated from each other that life has become a video game? This was shown to us in the movie “A Clockwork Orange” by Stanley Kubrick in the ’70s, a possible view of the future. And while name-calling seems to be what some in America do to relieve their tension, this only adds to the disconnected condition in which we find ourselves. We need more complex discussion to this complexity of community life. And more of our countrymen need to realize perhaps where only concern for profit has brought us.

Sandy Wade


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