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Letter: Consider new estimates and save St. Ann Church

Consider new estimates and save St. Ann Church

The former parishioners of St. Ann Church are deeply saddened and disappointed at the mistaken decision by Bishop Richard Malone to demolish our beloved church. The bishop has indicated that it would cost the diocese between $8 million and $12 million to reconstruct the portions of the church that are structurally unsound. This figure is vastly inflated and doesn’t reflect the much lower estimates that have been submitted by knowledgeable individuals who can accomplish the task of meeting the safety standards necessary to keep St. Ann viable.

A very dedicated group of parishioners has already raised $300,000 for the purpose of making their beloved church safe for present and future worshipers. Their devotion and commitment are in place to raise whatever additional amount is necessary to complete the task.

In Europe, parishioners are committed to maintaining and keeping their beautiful, old, landmark churches because the buildings are a link to the past and an integral part of their heritage. St. Ann means no less to hundreds of passionate worshipers who feel that not enough has been done to save this important piece of Buffalo’s religious history. Now is the time for the diocese to examine the much lower estimates that exist for the restoring of the deficient portions of the structure.

Ken J. Walters


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