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Letter: Kane’s visit with Cup was poorly organized

Kane’s visit with Cup was poorly organized

My son and I had very high spirits when we arrived at the West Seneca ice rink 1½ hours earlier than the scheduled 1 p.m. Patrick Kane visit this past Saturday. We had about 50 people in front of us in the line, and figured our chances of meeting the superstar were very good. The line stayed very orderly at first. Unfortunately, when Kane arrived, the line turned into more of a mob scene of people flocking through the doors of the rink. It soon became apparent that our time spent in line was a waste.

After we got through the front doors (with many hundreds of people in front of us), we were herded to the rink area. Here, there were speeches from local politicians and finally, Kane. Unfortunately, nobody could hear any of the speeches, due to a terrible PA system. At some point, there must have been an announcement to form another line (I use the term loosely) for photos with Kane, but again, it couldn’t be heard.

We finally figured out where we were supposed to be by following the mob, and asking questions, but by then it was pointless. We knew we wouldn’t get to see Kane and the Cup up close. It was great that Kane would bring the Cup to his childhood rink. I just wish a little more thought and organization had gone into the visit. There should have been ropes both outside and inside the rink to keep the line in formation. The people who waited the longest should have had the best opportunity to meet Kane.

David Wojtkowiak


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