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Letter: Canalside security needs to review concert rules

Canalside security needs to review concert rules

Apparently the “security” at Buffalo Place Thursday at Canalside concerts is more concerned about cameras than what concert-goers are smoking. I was turned away on Aug. 22 for my so-called professional camera, which does not have a detachable lens, despite the website rules allowing such a camera. These security people claim it is at the request of the artist. In my 25 years as a freelance music journalist, I have yet to find any musician or celebrity who turned away the chance to get his name and face plastered all over the news and Internet. Even an artist representative I spoke with was flabbergasted by the concept.

As for my original statement, I have attended a number of concerts where fans were smoking items that were not available from the reservation or the corner store. At one concert I fortunately did not attend, but friends did, I was told the smoke was so thick one needed only to inhale to get high.

It’s one thing to force fans to purchase food and drinks at the venue, but quite another when, in the guise of doing their job, the security people prevent others from doing theirs; especially when it is expressly stated that photos are allowed by the artist.

Camera policy: Small, still cameras are permitted. No recording or videotaping of the performance is permitted. No professional cameras or any camera with interchangeable telephoto capable lens permitted. No video or audio recording devices allowed. My cameras are not professional, nor do they have a detachable lens.

Sherrill Fulghum

Niagara Falls

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