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From wings to eggs

The “Wing King” of Buffalo and beyond has lost 40 pounds – and it wasn’t from eating more chicken wings.

Drew Cerza, 52, of Clarence, has fallen to 190 pounds since Jan. 1 by limiting his wings and sticking to a low-glycemic diet. He admits to having a few more “cheat days” in recent weeks as he’s geared up for the National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival at Coca-Cola Field today and Sunday (see for more info). This promises to be a cheat weekend – then it will be back to his new eating regimen.

How did you lose the weight?

I actually went from chicken wings to eggs, which is kind of what came first. For breakfast I’d eat five eggs, but just one yolk with it. I’d sauté some broccoli or some spinach and I’d mix it all together and throw on some Frank’s Red Hot and some Parmesan cheese. I’d be full till lunch. And I made sure I never went to a meal hungry. Before I went to lunch, I’d have some Greek yogurt or an apple, or almonds. The same thing with dinner. Because I was not going to dinner hungry, I made better decisions on the menu.

The tough thing was giving up the whites and giving up the pasta. In the beginning, I converted to whole wheat, and instead of having a whole portion, I’d have a half-portion and make the other half vegetables.

– Scott Scanlon

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