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Letter: Republicans’ comments show they just don’t get it

Republicans’ comments show they just don’t get it

Rep. Chris Collins, R-Clarence, said he “wished the president would concentrate more on job creation and reducing the size of government.” I sure would like for Collins and the rest of his fellow congressmen to tell us how they would like to accomplish that.

President Obama wants to stimulate job growth by investing in our infrastructure. He would get the money for that by cutting the defense budget, returning the top rates to pre-Bush tax cuts and redefining the tax code to eliminate overseas corporations from receiving a tax break for moving their production overseas. (Boy, I’ll bet Collins hates that one.)

Now we all know Obama can’t do that without Congress, so why won’t Collins and the rest of the GOP support that? My guess is you don’t touch the “sacred cow” (aka defense budget), and you certainly don’t “raise” taxes – it violates the Norquist no-tax pledge they all signed. Nor do you tell corporations what they can and can’t do.

So what does the GOP suggest? Last time I checked, the answer has been nothing. This GOP-led House has not passed one jobs bill. It says the only way to create jobs is to reduce taxes on wealthy Americans and it will “trickle down.” I guess the GOP has forgotten we have already tried that with the Bush tax cuts. How did that work for us?

Oh, and Carl Paladino’s quote, “This is not Obama turf, only for the uninformed and those at poverty level – and the ones who want free cellphones and ice cream.” That is so typical of the GOP’s stereotyping of Obama supporters. Carl, the last time I checked there weren’t 65,915,796 American voting citizens who “wanted free cellphones and ice cream.” They wanted a man and a party that gave the middle class the best chance at recovering their lost status.

Jerry Cappello


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