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Letter: Don’t blame liberals for nation’s problems

Don’t blame liberals for nation’s problems

Since this feckless Congress is vacationing from its “exhaustive” legislative session, tea party types are authoring anti-progressive articles, mimicking demagogues from conservative media, where rationality is non-existent.

An early August letter writer, crying socialism, issued a laundry list of anti-liberal rage against government, opposing economic improvement for anyone except the already well-off. Doubtless, when this gentleman’s time arrives, he’ll eagerly welcome his Social Security check and Medicare insurance, both fought for by liberals. Should anyone in his family lose his job or fall into poverty, he’ll likely support unemployment insurance or even food stamps, generously provided to Uncle Sam’s needy. Hopefully, none in his family suffers from pre-existing illness or an expense-capped, long-term malady. But Obamacare’s safety net has them covered, along with 30 million other uninsured.

He’s enjoying the benefits of government oversight of food, water, air quality and the medicine he might require. But gutting federal programs will endanger him. Moreover, Republicans wish to irresponsibly shut down government in order to leverage defunding the Affordable Care Act. They’ll happily default on debts Congress has underwritten, in spite of our shrinking deficit. Yet, stunningly, Senate minority leadership gives us filibuster and inertia. Speaker John Boehner, fearing his extreme wing, displays impotence, leaving languished bills dead on arrival.

Although losing the popular vote in 2012, gerrymandered districts will keep House Republicans in control a while longer. They hope to dismantle federal departments, while urging war on women, minorities, science and the middle class. They are giddy at the chaos. But once the right of every citizen to vote is fully restored, democracy’s bountiful promise will re-emerge.

Leonard Gross

East Amherst

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