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Stranger’s generosity made day more special

Aug. 21 was our 42nd wedding anniversary. We decided to celebrate at a scenic restaurant in Wilson. The manager came around to visit the tables, and we mentioned what the date was. He congratulated us, as did the couple who were sitting at the table next to us. Later on, the manager came by with a small bottle of champagne with two fancy glasses topped with a fresh strawberry. He wanted to make it special for us.

When the couple next to us got up to leave, they once again congratulated us. After the meal, the manager came by to inquire how we enjoyed our dinner. We did, very much, in fact. Then he said, “Well, it gets better, folks. The man at the table next to you wanted to pay $42 on your total bill. How’s that for a surprise?” How lucky for us!

I hope the gentleman with the very generous heart will read this and know how very much we appreciate his kindness to total strangers.

Bob and Del Levesque


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