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Letter: Residents are fed up with high water rates

Residents are fed up with high water rates

It was interesting to read the letter in the Aug. 21 paper from the Evans lady who complained about her water bill going up. Years ago, the state of New York “mandated” North Tonawanda to build a water and sewer treatment plant. I remember my parents’ water bill going from about $6 every three months to $50 or $60 a month. This was after it was mandated that every home have a water meter put in. I believe the state was going to fund part of this plant, and North Tonawanda was to pay the rest. That water and sewer treatment plant should have been paid for, I believe, around 2003 or 2004, because it was a 25-year contract. We were supposed to take water from Lockport and Niagara Falls to help defray the costs. However, that never materialized, so the taxpayers of North Tonawanda were left to foot the bill for this “white elephant.”

There is now a $12 service fee for both water and sewer ($24) before they even calculate your water usage. Then there’s the sewer bill, which is double or more the cost of the water bill. We used to get a lower rate in the summer, due to filling pools, watering the lawn, etc., because that water didn’t go into the sewer. But they did away with that savings, too, stating that they needed the extra money for “maintenance” of the plant. How sad is it that we have to pay more to flush than we do to drink? So to the lady in Evans, and everyone else, use the water, because whether you use it or not, you will be charged for it.

Marsha Gifford

North Tonawanda

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