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Letter: Candidates have a duty to participate in debates

Candidates have a duty to participate in debates

The Democratic primary is only two weeks away. As a resident of the 2nd Legislative District, and a constituent, I have a right to hear about the issues and speak to concerns. I’d like to have asked Joyce Wilson-Nixon what her platform is. Why is she running for the 2nd Legislative seat? What would she do in that position? And what would she do differently or better than our current incumbent, Betty Jean Grant?

Jeff Nixon said that his wife declined to attend a scheduled debate with Grant because she feared walking into a lion’s den, and he harshly criticized the group sponsoring the debate. His wife is running for public office, and debates are part of the process. If she is afraid to debate, why is she running for office? It is time for her to speak, not her husband.

Jeff Nixon works for Mayor Byron Brown, and parrots his propaganda unquestioningly. Nixon asks what Grant and the county have done to support our youth. As director of Youth Services for the Buffalo Employment and Training Center, he is well aware of the more than $6 million in the 2013 Erie County adopted budget for youth service, which includes more than $1 million in funds to over 55 agencies for youth development and delinquency prevention programs. Nixon is well aware of Grant’s support for and funding of his wife’s National Inner Cities Youth Opportunities program to the tune of $10,000. This is public information available in the Erie County Public Library.

Paulette Woods


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