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Area Holes-In-One

Dr. Tom Brewer, on the 206-yard fifth hole at Crag Burn, with a 5-iron.

Richard Brezowski, on the 132-yard 12th hole at Arrowhead, with a 7-iron.

Glen Gast, on the 157-yard second hole at Brighton, with a wedge.

Jim Kuzdale, on the 185-yard eighth hole at Brighton Park, with a 4-hybrid.

Adam Lewinski, on the 312-yard tenth hole at Grover Cleveland, with a driver.

Sheila Martin, on the 110-yard 12th hole at Seneca Hickory Stick.

Dr. Mike Mitchell, on the 185-yard second hole at Westwood, with a 5-iron.

Cleo King, on the 141-yard 13th hole at Grover Cleveland, with a 6-iron.

Nelson Montgomery, on the 110-yard 10th hole at Delaware, with a wedge.

Jim Rasey, on the 133-yard eighth hole at Beaver Island, with a 7-iron.

Chris Robey, on the 163-yard 16th hole at Sheridan, with a 9-iron.

Ty Smith, on the 159-yard 15th hole at Audubon, with a 3-wood.

Wade Spruce, on the 174-yard fourth hole at Elkdale, with a 3-hybrid.

Wayne Stafford, on the 175-yard, 11th hole at Brierwood, with a 4-iron.

Richard Thomas, on the 153-yard first hole at Delaware, with an 8-iron.

Richard Thompson, on the 153-yard first hole at Delaware.

Maura Warsaw, on the 119-yard 15th hole at Harvest Hill, with a driver.

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