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Letter: Excuses are for losers; we must fix schools now

Excuses are for losers; we must fix schools now

Simply ridiculous is how I would summarize the ongoing issues within the leadership of the Buffalo Public Schools and the teachers union. I was amazed to read that BTF President Phil Rumore feels that the Buffalo schools’ performance is being unfairly targeted, because they are failing at a lesser rate than other cities in New York State. As a teacher, Mr. Rumore, would it have been OK for a student scoring a 35 on a test to compare that to a student who got a 25 on the same test even if the passing score is 60? I am guessing not.

The School Board members and superintendent offer excuse after excuse. I have heard them blame too many entities instead of just doing the job they have responsibilities for, which is setting the proper course so the children of Buffalo have an opportunity to be successful in their chosen adult careers after completing their educations.

My opinion regarding all of this rhetoric by the school and union leadership is that “excuses are for losers.” Let’s stop all the excuses and justifications for what you are doing, because it is obvious that it doesn’t matter or hasn’t worked – not because the state education commissioner says so, but because children in city schools are failing.

I suggest all of these leaders put their focus on the children. Up to now, all I have heard are self-serving statements. Their actions and results show that their efforts are in fact not working, since our children are failing. If they can’t or won’t do what they need to in order for our children to be successful, then I suggest they get out of the way and let someone else work toward providing a good education for our Buffalo children.

Tom Pleban


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